Negligence Types


Negligence is a ‘tort’, meaning a civil wrong. In essence, it is the failure to take reasonable care by a person who perhaps should have acted more carefully, which results in harm or loss to you.

This can arise on many occasions in everyday life. For example, if you have employed a plumber to do some work in your home, there is an implied term that the plumber will provide those services with reasonable care and skill. Or, you might engage a builder or architect to help you build an extension to your home. If they don’t do the job right, you might have a right to claim back your losses

Contracts may often set out specific duties and standards of care which the professional has to abide by. Sometimes these duties are imposed by the law, the contract’s written terms may impose even higher standards of care.



Professional negligence claims are made by individuals or companies against a professional who has failed to perform their responsibilities to a required standard. If a professional may failed to do something they were instructed to, or gave you some bad advice, you can make a claim for professional negligence.

Professional negligence claims have increased in recent years, due to the fact that people are becoming more aware of their legal rights and remedies and the fact that more and more people are now seeking advice from professionals in many different areas of their personal or business life.

We can do Professional claims on a No Win No Fee Basis if the claim is a strong one



A professional negligence claim can be made against anyone who you have paid for a service. The most common types of professional negligence claims we receive are:

  • Professional negligence against Solicitors;
  • Professional negligence by Barristers;
  • Professional negligence against Accountants;
  • Professional negligence by Surveyors;
  • Professional negligence against Architects;
  • Professional negligence by Builders;
  • Professional negligence against Financial advisors;
  • Professional negligence by Engineers;
  • Professional negligence against IT professionals;
  • Professional negligence by Professional trustees;
  • Professional negligence against Insurance brokers;
  • Professional negligence by Tax consultants;

These are not the only types of professional negligence claims you can make, just the types of negligence we receive the most claims about. If you are unsure whether or not you are entitled to make a claim, give us a call and we’ll let you know.



Please don’t worry too much about bringing the claim against the person who has done the work for you as in most cases they will have insurance which will help them pay for your losses



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