Can you get Injury Compensation?

Can you get Injury Compensation?


The subject of injury compensation can often be one that is tricky and confusing to navigate, especially without the right advice or help. It can often be daunting to bring a personal injury claim, particularly if you are unsure of your entitlement to compensation. Hopefully, the information below will help you decide whether or not to make a claim.


Accidents at work


More often than not, accidents at work are the fault of an employer or colleague‘s negligence. Your employer is expected to provide a safe workplace, free of any risks of injury from tools, machinery or the workplace itself. The employer is also responsible for hiring employees that are safe to work with – so, even if the accident was the fault of a fellow employee, your employer will be at fault too. It is a legal requirement that employers have insurance for these sorts of claims, so if you are at all worried about causing any upset between you, don’t be, as the insurer will be the one handling the claim.


Road traffic accidents


Another cause of injury that could leave you eligible for some injury compensation is road traffic accidents – whether this is a collision, you were on a bike, motorbike or simply walking as a pedestrian, you can claim compensation. Obviously, there must be the knowledge that you were not at fault to receive compensation.



Defective products


Any injuries that were caused by the use of defective products can also result in you being awarded some injury compensation – as a consumer, you are trusting a company when they claim that their products are safe for use. If this turns out not to be the case, and there is some sort of injury or harm caused by the use of these products, then a claim can often be made.



Accidents involving animals


If you were involved in an accident that was caused by aggressive or out of control animals, like dogs or horses, and the owner could have taken measures or precautions to prevent this from happening, then you can make a claim to receive injury compensation.



Accidents caused by uneven or slippery floors


If you have ever tripped over an uneven bit of flooring, or slipped when the area was empty of wet floor signs, then you could be eligible for injury compensation if the accident resulted in personal injury.


If you think that you have been affected by any of these then you can get in touch here and we’ll see what we can do for you!

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