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Business Advice

Breach of contract

Situations where another company or contractor has let you down. Did they fail to deliver, or were goods they sent of inferior quality? Or maybe the services they provided weren’t up to scratch: Did they not have the requisite skills or were they slapdash, or negligent? Please ask us for advice

Debt recovery

Where somebody owes you money we can help you get it back; or maybe they are they wrongfully claiming money from you, in which case we can defend you or make a counter-claim

Intellectual property matters.

Intellectual property is the stuff you own which you have created such as ideas, inventions, patents, designs, anything you have created in writing or music or art. But it also includes business names, trademarks goodwill. We can help you if people try to rip this stuff off, or if they are so similar in name or in branding that they are causing confusion to your customers – If you’re having problems with a competitor give us a call. Or if you would just like to protect your assets in advance by registering a trademark or patent ask us for advice

Employment Advice

Employment contracts

We are specialists in drafting, or interpreting contracts of employment

Unfair dismissal

Whether you were unfairly dismissed or you are facing a claim from a former employee we can give you advice. If you are bringing a claim for unfair dismissal we may be able to act on a NO WIN NO FEE BASIS


Are you facing a claim for sexual, racial, religious or age discrimination? Or do you wish to bring a claim for discrimination you have suffered.

Please get in touch. If you are the one claiming, we may be able to act on a NO WIN NO FEE BASIS

Regulatory and disciplinary advice

If you are a professional or qualified person facing disciplinary action for breach or professional regulations we can give expert advice. So if you are a dentist or doctor; an architect or surveyor; a nurse or paramedic; an accountant or quantity surveyor; or whatever your professional qualification; we realise that it is extremely valuable to you and you worked hard to get it. So please call us for advice and remember that the first 15 minutes is free

Chris Rudd is a member of the Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers (‘The ARDL’).

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All our litigation claims can be run on a NO WIN NO FEE basis!