Lasting Power of Attorney

We specialise in advising our clients on how to protect the people they love:

Lasting Power of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney 

One in three people over 65 will develop dementia, so it’s very important to make plans for you or your loved ones. A close relative has no power to make decisions about a person’s health or financial affairs without legal authority: A Lasting Power of Attorney provides that authority, but it needs to be put in place before there are any health problems which might affect the person’s ability to make decisions. If you put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place now may avoid the need to make an expensive application to court later on

Lasting Court of Protection and the Appointment of Deputies

A deputy is a person appointed by the Court of Protection to make decisions on behalf of someone after they have become unable to manage their own affairs. Please ask us for free initial advice if you think you need to be appointed as a deputy to enable you to help someone near and dear to you. This will definitely be something you need to consider if your partner or relative doesn’t already have a power of Attorney in place

Liability to Pay for Care Home Fees

Many people are very worried that their home may be taken later in life to pay for care if they are no longer able to look after themselves. We can advise you about the best options to help you protect your most valuable asset and pass it on to those you love

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