Personal Injury & Illness

Accidents at work

Your employer must provide a safe workplace and safe tools and machinery to use. They’re also responsible for finding safe colleagues to work with. So if somebody injures you at work, or you trip or slip, or you are hurt by a piece of equipment your employer could be liable to pay you compensation. Your employer is legally required to have insurance for these claims so please don’t worry about claiming – their insurer will handle it!

Trips and slips

Have you tripped or slipped and injured yourself? Was the land or flooring where you fell uneven or slippery? If so, please call to find out if you have a claim

Road traffic accidents

If you were injured on the roads the law is there to help you. Whether you were injured in a car, or on a bike or motorbike we can get you compensation. The law is very kind to pedestrians in particular as they are very vulnerable to injury on our roads, so please call us even if you think it may have been your fault. And please don’t worry if you are the victim of an uninsured or an untraced driver as we can usually still bring a successful claim on your behalf. All our claims are usually run on a no win no fee basis

Industrial disease claims

Did you work in a harmful environment? Were you exposed to lots of continuous loud noise; or harmful dust like asbestos, coal dust, flour or talc? Or maybe you used vibrating machinery. If you suffered injury, or illness as a result you may have a right to compensation. It doesn’t matter that the workplace may be closed down, or even if you left years ago, we may still be able to help

Holiday illness and injury claims

We are currently helping lots people who have suffered illness or injury whilst on holiday. A major injury or illness can be devastating and needs very careful handling; but even a minor injury or illness can ruin your holiday. so call us if you slipped or tripped, or if the hotel caused some other kind of injury to you

Food poisoning in particular is a massive problem at all-inclusive hotels these days and if you are a victim of food poisoning please click here where we provide a great deal more information about these claims

All our litigation claims can be run on a NO WIN NO FEE basis!

Bed bug Infestation in hotels & guest houses

We are seeing many more people complaining of bed bug bites at UK hotels or foreign hotels. Bed bugs are making a come-back due to more overcrowding in hotels and guest houses, poor hygiene procedures and higher temperatures in modern buildings and due to global warming

Bed bug bites can be painful and can cause skin rashes, allergic symptoms, psychiatric injury and scarring. In rare cases the bites can cause much more severe symptoms.

We are experts in this type of claim and you could be due substantial compensation

Animal claims

Every year lots of people are injured by aggressive dogs or out of control horses. If you’ve been injured by an out of control animal, and the owner should have taken better care, please call us for initial free advice

Injuries caused by defective products

If you bought a product which caused you injury or harm, call us to see if you may be entitled to compensation