If you’re in a rented home and it needs substantial repairs you have legal rights.

We can help you with repairs like the example’s below:

  • Damp which has damaged the walls or plaster in your house
  • Leaks from your roof or windows
  • Broken Toilet or Bath
  • Faulty heating or Boiler
  • Leaky Drains or Guttering which cause water damage to your home

Repairs: we can get your repairs sorted for you and we may get you compensation of over £1,000.

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What is Damp?

Most claims against landlords are for damp.

Damp is a common problem in British houses. The main types of damp which cause most of the issues are:

Rising damp – caused when water soaks up into the walls from wet ground below

Penetrating damp – caused when water soaks through the walls. This can be caused due to pipes or gutters leaking down the walls; or poorly installed cavity wall insulation which gets saturated and soaks through the interior wall

Damp due to leaks or flooding – This can be caused by leaks from plumbing, or leaks which come through the roof, or windows. Also, it can be caused by back flooding from inadequate or blocked drains

Condensation damp – This is caused when moisture in the air condenses on cool surfaces such as cold external walls or on windows

Here are a few examples of what to to look at for:

What Happens?

You can make a claim against your landlord, but you must report it first.

We know that making a claim against your landlord can seem daunting but please don’t worry as we know what we’re doing! We can offer you:

  • A specialist team of experienced advisers
  • Free advice with no obligation
  • We will arrange and cover the initial cost

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