Driving Without Due Care & Attention

What is driving without due care & attention

Driving without due care and attention can be described as:

  1. Driving that falls below the standard expected of a competent driver; or
  2. Driving that does not show reasonable consideration for other persons using the road or pathways.

As driving without due care and attention isn’t a ‘clear cut’ offence, conviction may depend on the judgement of a police officer or court. The major factors that demonstrate accountability are:

  • Excessive speed or aggressive driving
  • Carrying out other tasks while driving
  • Vehicle used for the carriage of heavy goods or for the carriage of passengers for reward
  • Tiredness or driving whilst unwell
  • Driving contrary to medical advice (including written advice from the drug manufacturer not to drive when taking any medicine)

What classes as driving without due care and attention

  • Setting the sat nav
  • Reading a map (or anything else)
  • Eating or drinking at the wheel
  • Adjusting your seating position
  • Allowing yourself to be distracted by passengers in the car
  • Driving aggressively
  • Tailgating
  • Overtaking on the left-hand side
  • Lane-hogging
  • Not giving way where appropriate
  • Swerving across lanes
  • Using the wrong lane at a roundabout

What is the punishment for driving without due care and attention

In many cases, driving without due care and attention can result in a fixed penalty notice. This usually means three points on your driving licence and a £100 fine. To find out more about fixed penalty notice, visit our speeding offences page for more details.

If you fear the penalty points you’ve received for driving without due care and attention could result in a totting up ban, please visit our page totting up ban for more details on how we can help.

If the offence is deemed more serious (e.g. if you have endangered other drivers or pedestrians, or caused an accident), you will automatically be summoned to court. The maximum penalty you could receive in this case is nine points on your licence and a £5,000 fine or a disqualification from driving all together.

If you have been accused of driving without due care and attention, get in touch with one of our members for expert advice.