About Us

Chris Rudd Solicitors specialises everyday problems like bad housing, injuries at work, ruined holidays, problem neighbours and looking after elderly relatives.

The firm was set up by Chris Rudd in 2015. We try to concentrate on the things that we see as most important to our clients. So we focus on giving high quality advice about your home, your job, your money, or about how best to look after your elderly relatives. Chris Rudd Solicitors has a great team of people who can help you with these issues.

We operate in an ethical way and try to develop new clients through repeat business, by personal or online recommendation, or by ethical and honest marketing. We are opposed to the ‘cold calling’ or ‘ambulance chasing’ which seems to be a common tactic by some businesses these days. So please contact us if you feel that we have not met our own high standards

We won’t try to impress you with legal jargon, or send you complex letters you don’t understand; instead we will keep things simple and we will always be at the end of the phone when you need us. As a result we are on first name terms with most of our clients, and they do seem to have a habit of coming back to us, so we must be doing something right.

We believe that legal advice can, in most cases, be given just as well by telephone and email and online these days so we don’t feel that we should be restricted in only getting our message locally. So whilst we always enjoy representing our clients, family and friends in our home town of Warrington, we are also proud to represent clients all over the UK.

We recognise that most families are not blessed with a pot of money to pay lawyers so most of our claims can be done on a  on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. But we also offer a range of funding options to help hard pressed families get the legal help they need such as no win lower fee; fixed fees, staged payments and we do take payments by phone

If you need advice about looking after your elderly parents, or making a will, or trying to preserve the family home we can offer considerable expertise in this area and we offer good prices and a similar range of ways to pay such as staged payments or fixed fees

So, please feel free to try us out:  The first 15 minutes of any advice we give is free anyway, so give us a call:

Email: admin@chrisruddsolicitors.co.uk

Tel: 01925 426 048